Stop Wasting Your Money for Hair Straightening! This Simple Kitchen Ingredient Can Give You Straight Hair Naturally!

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That’s right – this straightforward ingredient can assist you straighten your hair! low-cost and Simple! Sounds superb, right?! Well, yes it is. simply take a glance at the article below and resolve a lot of regarding this. Long straight hair ar very fashionable lately. girls pay several hours and thousands of their cash for hair straightening at salon.

For this treatment your hairs ar exposed to heap of chemicals and warmth, though they furnish you desired results however in future they’ll solely harm your hair. therefore what are you able to do regarding it, here natural remedies comes into the image.

Today we tend to ar attending to share one natural remedy that may open all of your curls and can build them straight, drum sander and shinier.

Coconut milk and lemon mask to possess straight hair

This hair mask can flip all curly hair to straight in Associate in Nursing all natural manner withour use of any chemical or heat

Ingredients required:

1 Cup vegetable oil
2 Tablespoon oil
1 juice (about four tablespoon)
3 Tablespoon starch

The process to follow:

Mix the ingredients during a massive bowl. Stir this mixture unendingly on medium heat till the consistency becomes creamy.
Apply this mixture to your hair and so cowl it with a cap.
Cover the cap with a hot towel Associate in Nursingd leave it like that for an hour more or less.
Rinse with shampoo and conditioner.

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