This Is Why You Need To Put Essential Oils On The Bottom Of Your Feet Every Night Before Bed

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The feet ar the right space of the body for applying essential oils. This observe is gaining in quality since reflexology is cited in concert of the most reasons to use essential oils to the feet.

So, here could be a list of the five most significant advantages of applying essential oils here. Check them out!
Why you must place Essential Oils on Bottom of Feet

Oils Delivered quicker Through rock bottom Of Your Feet

If you apply oil on rock bottom of your foot, it takes solely twenty minutes for the oil to be detected in each cell of your body. this is often as a result of the pores on the only of the foot and your legs ar thicker and that they act like straws consumption up the compounds quick into the bloodstream!

The soles of the feet and therefore the palms of the hand ar the sole components of our body that don’t producesebaceous glands.

Sebum is AN oily compound that stops the body from fascinating any substance. the actual fact that the palms and therefore the soles don’t secrete secretion shows that these areas of your body can quickly absorb oil. make certain to not apply oil on “sweaty” feet or hands. it’s vital to dry them off initial. during this manner, the water won’t repel the volatile oil.


It is a better-known indisputable fact that each nerve line in our body ends within the feet. it’s scientifically shown that every foot has seven,200 nerve endings. per reflexology, the large toe is connected to the brain and head. subsequent 2 toes ar associated with the eyes, whereas subsequent 2 toes represent the ears. the highest third of the only is our chest whereas the middle third is our systema alimentarium and abdomen. As you’ll be able to see, our feet represent our entire body, therefore it’s no surprise why it’s of utmost importance to use oils to our feet!

Less Irritation And Sensitivities

Using foot application will increase the protection, since this reduces the danger of skin irritation and sensitivities. The skin on the soles of the feet is thought to be less sensitive compared to the skin throughout the remainder of our body. this enables U.S. to use even oregano, thyme, and citrus oil while not diluting them initial.

Bypass The Liver

When you ar applying oil on the foot, the applied oil are going to be bypassing the liver. this suggests that the oil won’t accumulate there. The oil reaches the lower cartilaginous tube capillaries through the vascular system and therefore the whole organism, rather than being processed by the liver.

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