How often should you have sex according to your age (chart)

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Do you have an excessive amount of or deficient $ex? the matter is that we’ve got less time to pay some quality time with our partner, and all the strain of contemporary times, and also the truth however totally different we have a tendency to ar solely adds to it.

For some individuals having sexual issues doubly per week is enough, whereas a for others which will be either deficient or an excessive amount of.

Research conducted at the Institute animal scientist discovered however usually people have $ex, if we have a tendency to take into thought their age, and here we have a tendency to show the results:

18-29: on the average 112 times a year;
30-39 years: on the average eighty six times a year;
40-49 years: on the average sixty nine times a year.

Otherwise, thirteen % of married couples have $ex solely a number of times a year, forty five % of them many times a month, thirty four % 2 to 3 times per week and seven % of them four or additional times per week.
The website “Your Tango” then conducted its own survey among readers United Nations agency ar married, to seek out out the minimum, average and ideal variety of $exual activities for one month.

Minimum: Once a month;
Average: Once a week;
Perfect: 3 to 5 times per week.

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